söndag 6 mars 2016

New blog coming up soon!!

 I am in the process of starting my own knitting brand called Kutova Kika (Kutova means knitting in Finnish and Kika is my what my lil sister calls me :) after many years of people telling me how they would like to buy my knitted stuff and encouraging me to start my own knitting studio. 
That means I will also have a new blog associated to my website where I share my knitting processes and inspiration.
The hat on the above picture is called Lintunen(Finnish for little bird) and is available in many color combos. I have carefully chosen the colors and made each hat with luxurious high quality alpaca yarns. 

 Although I now have a knitting machine I will also be knitting by hand, of course! That itch to knit by hand is still very much there although I also enjoy the complexity and patience it takes to knit on the machine.
 Here is the chunky scarf I knitted with a beautiful blueberry ice cream colored yarn and added pompoms to make this scarf a one of a kind.

Some logo designing going on for my new Kutova Kika shop. 
All the knitted goodies in this post can be purchased from my my etsy shop  for now and soon from my own wesite! Can't wait to get it up and running, so excited!!