tisdag 4 juli 2017

New ♡Heartbeats Blog♡ is live

I am letting you know that I have a just launched a new blog, yeey! 

This blog will still be live for a few days and then I will redirect the traffic from this blog to the new one. 
In my new Heartbeats blog I still have links to my knitting patterns on Ravelry, plus I will be writing about creative projects, knitting and more personal stuff. 

I hope you have a look and follow me on my blogging journey :)

torsdag 16 mars 2017

The Yellow Queen sweater pattern now available :)

The pattern for this fair isle sweater is now available to download on Ravelry
The pattern is in English and comes in sizes XS-XL. The sweater is knitted from down to up on circular needles. The design has a wide neck opening and long sleeves for a feminine and flattering shape. Enjoy! :)

torsdag 9 februari 2017

Pattern for the Fluffy Feather Sweater is finally available to download!

 I first posted this sweater here on the blog in beginning of 2015 and have since gotten many requests for the pattern and now it is finally available!
You can check out more of the details on Ravelry and also download the pattern through there:

If you are not a member of Ravelry you can download the pattern straight through here: