fredag 9 december 2016

Lovely new mittens and beanie designs in Kutova Kika webshop

These new lovely Lintunen mittens are made out of 100% alpaca and are supersoft and comfy to wear. I improved the shape of the design because of some feedback I got from customers that my first mittens felt too big. The way I make these mitens now take almost double the time but I think it is worth the effort, they look and feel much better now.

This new line of beanies I call the Bedazzle version of the Lintunen pattern. I have added more colors and embroidered some glass beads and highlighted one bird from the pattern to give the design more texture.  I like how one pattern and idea can be transformed into something very different by using more colors and adding small details.

This set of beanie and mittens in charcoal and titatnium is 15 % silk and 85% alpaca, it is super luxurious and I think this color combo will be a hit :)

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Drop a comment below, would love to hear what you think om these new designs :)