fredag 29 mars 2013

Raitoja ja kuvioita

Raidallinen sukka jämälangoista.

Alpakkalangoista neulottu neuletakki ja sukat.

Kuvioitu villatakki.

Tröja Ariel on tämän villatakin nimi.

4 kommentarer:

  1. I'm so in love with your cardigan. Which yarn and pattern did you use?

  2. Hi Lucy! Thank you! Nice to hear you like my stuff :) All my designs are my own, usually I improvise along the way when makin g a piece so I dont have patterns for these ones unfortunately. The turquoise one I knitted using Cascade Yarns Heathers, in the striped cardigan I used all kinds of leftover yarns, mostly wool and alpaca yarns, and the green one is with Garnstudio Drop alpaca yarn (knitted with double yarn). I have some patterns available on ravelry, and now also a websop on etsy where you can find my stuff. Hope this was of any help!

  3. Oh and the one with a violet motif on a beige background is with Garnstudio Drops Nepal yarn, love that yarn-so soft and non itchy!

  4. I am knitting the Ariel sweater now, in the same yarn as the pattern asks for, Cascade, but it seems like it will be a very small size and it is supposed to be a Medium, that is what the pattern says, anyone that has the same problem... ?