måndag 14 december 2015

Entering the realm of machine knitting

 Some weeks back I attended a course in machine knitting and I must say I am hooked! This scarf on the picture above I knitted in 2 hours instead of two weeks that it would have probably taken me by hand.

We made our own patterns using the punchcard system on the course and I made both this bird pattern and the above seen dragonfly pattern.
 The machines we used in the course were all Brother machines and after much pondering and wondering I bought my own used Brother knitting machine. The above knitted piece with bird pattern I knitted on my own machine that I got to work after a thorough clean up and some fixing with the help from youtube tutorials. I am so excited to see that it seems to be working!

 My cozy knitting studio on the kitchen table :)

View from underneath the knitting machine carriage. I had to use all my engineer genes I have from my grandfather to work out how to fix some of the springy thingys underneath the carriage. With the help of youtube and some DIY engineering it seems to now be working!

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