tisdag 19 april 2016

Pattern for the caridgan Ariel is now available!

I have gotten many requests to write down the pattern for the cardigan Ariel and can now happily announce that it is ready! The pattern is available to download on ravelry and etsy, or if you would like to download it straight through my blog it is also possible.
The pattern is both in English and Swedish.
Download DIRECTLY:  PatternforAriel/MönsterpåAriel

When I was designing the pattern I was inspired by traditional fair isle motifs and wanted to get a playful twist on it by combining different shapes and motifs around the yoke, along the hem and sleeves.

The zigzag waves repeat to give the design some coherence and structure. The pattern for Ariel comes with written instructions, drawings and color charts to make it easy to follow.
 When I was writing down the pattern for Ariel I decided to knit one as a sweater instead of a cardigan. The design works well as a closed design too and motif around the yoke really stands out. For the main color I chose Cascade 220 Peruvian wool in oatmeal color, it is the same yarn that I used in turqois in the cardigan version. The two shades of grey are Garnstudio Drops Nepal which are a bit thicker tha the Cascade yarn but worked very well. The peach color is alpaca yarn that I dyed myself. I am very happy with the result of my Spring take on this design! I will surely be wearing this peachy pie when there is that period between Spring and Summer where there is no more need for a jacket but it is still too chilly to go out without a sweater.

Happy knitting! If you have any questions regarding the pattern, don't hesitate to ask me :)

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  1. jeg har lenge hatt lyst til å strikke vakre Ariel, så nå ble jeg veldig glad for å oppdage at du tilbyr mønsteret/oppskriften!:) det er oppgitt at waist er 94 cm, vet du også hva bust målet er på din medium?

    god helg!

    1. Hej! Vad roligt att höra att du gillar koftan Ariel :)
      Bystmåttet är några cm större än waist, 95-96 cm skulle jag säga. Det är större eftersom det inte är någon fair isle motiv runt bystet som går att det ger efter mer. Hoppas det här hjälper!

    2. tusen takk for svar, snilt av deg!
      takker :)