måndag 28 juli 2014

Colour fearlessness

Colour combination for the colour fearless: raspberry red, bright pink, mustard yellow, dark orange, fuchsia and deep turquoise.

torsdag 24 juli 2014

Tröja Lilah in Blueberry forest

Summer days are great days for knitting, finally a finished project! I adore the colour on this cardigan and although the motifs are a bit peculiar I am happy with how it turned out. I had intended to make it in a much bigger size but the lace took up much more yarn than I had anticipated so this is probably the the tightest yoke I have ever done, fortunately it fits nicely because it stretches so much.

I knitted the Lilah cardigan with Garnstudio Drops Alpaca yarn in the color denim (number 8120) using double threads on 4mm needles. 

 This is probably the best button row ever, something always happens when I knit the final edges and I have to fix them many times to get it right, this time it turned out perfect. Well almost perfect, you can't really see it from this picture but I lost the last ninth button and had to sew on a larger button instead... 

Some summer meditation by the lake, planning the next knitting project...

lördag 22 februari 2014

Lace, coral and chunky

I knitted this lace shawl with a pattern from Drops design in Drops Alpaca.  The shawl is knitted in two pieces and then sewn together. The pattern is free and is available in many languages, here is the link: 

 The next project is already on its way, a chunky scarf with Drops Andes with moss stitch and a cable with bobbles. It feels really nice to see the work coming along so fast with the bigger needles, the lace scarf took me about three weeks to knit with knitting needles 3mm.

I finally bought this beautiful coral coloured yarn from Rowan. I fell in love with these designs from the Bird Ring collection by Ivana Helsinki and can´t wait to get knitting and see what I come up with.

Bird Ring by Ivana Helsinki
Bird Ring by Ivana Helsinki

lördag 1 februari 2014

Winter wonderfulness in knitted lace mittens, a sweater and a green wool coat

I knitted these lace mittens with Drops Alpaca in raspeberry red. I used 3 mm needles, the lace motif on the upper side of the mittens are the same as in the Audrey cardigan, I really like the small bobbles. I think the mittens are too chilly to wear as such and I am knitting simple mittens in stocking stitch in Drops Alpaca light camel to wear with them underneath.

Knitted Sweater 

I chose a very classic motif for this knitted wool sweater, the colours are quite demanding so I felt it was best to keep the style quite simple. I used Cascade Heather Birch and Pacific, the darker petrol is Drops Alpaca Mix turquois/blue and the undyed natural wool yarn is Aholaidan Suomenlampaan villaa. The sweater was knitted in the round on circular needles 5mm and 4mm.

The pattern for this sweater can be found on Ravelry

A Green Wool Coat

I always have trouble finding a nice winter jacket (I am not a big fan of black) so I decided to make my own. I used wool fabric in green for the outside and for the inner lining raspeberry red wool fabric and a fleece layer in between to make it extra warm. i took the pattern from an old Burda magazine, the pattern was for a classic duffle coat but I altered it a bit. It was really fun to make and think about all the details, I knew I wanted big pockets and a big hood. The whole thing took about a week to make.

I wanted to make some emroidered details and chose wool yarns in different red shades. The fabric is quite dense so it was a bit tricky to det the needle through, took some time but I am happy with the result!

I wanted to make some embroidered details and chose wool yarns in different red shades. The fabric is quite dense so it was a bit tricky to get the needle through, took some time but I am happy with the result! I found the perfect coloured buttons in the handicraft paradise Karnaluks in Tallinn, they are a bit kitschy but I like that it doesn´t get too serious.

The big hood was an absolute must and I sew some fake fur for extra softness around the edge.