söndag 14 juli 2013

Inspired by Nature and Wild

I am knitting a cardigan inspired by feathers and animal bones that I found out on an island in the archipelago. It will be quite Pocahontaesque with lots of different motif in brown and black.

The colours of the yarns are quite close to the feathers I found. 

I am using Garnstudio Drops Nepal yarn because of its softness and high quality.

I am knitting in the round on 4mm needles and making up the motifs as I go along. I think you could call me an improvisational knitter because I don't usually have a ready pattern and plan for the final result when starting.
With these bright colours I intend to make bracelets. 
Knitting bag with ongoing projects.

Enchanted forest and Orchis maculáta. 

Looks like our cat is laughing but in reality she is trying to chew on some grass, silly cat...

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